Grab Some Bugs

The dry fly fishing all over the state has been fantastic. Sallies, caddis, mayflies, The Bitterroot Stone. The bugs are here and the summer fishing is great. All the rivers are in great shape and the trout are looking up on the cloudy days. If throwing dries is your gig… It’s game on.

Fishermen never lie… The fishing is great.

Aaron Shattuck is tying up some Rusty Spinners that look like the real deal. Come grab a few of these one of a kind flies. We are the only ones with them so the trout won’t have this pattern figured out.

We have all been out fishing and everyone is saying the same thing. “Lots of bugs and lots of fish”. We are here everyday from 7 am to 6pm to help out with any fishy questions and a point in the right direction.

Dylan says “Go Here for Fish” we listen to Dylan…

-The MAngler