Fishing Report for August 30th

These cooler nights and relatively cooler days have turned the fish on. They are in “Eat” mode now and are willing to give themselves up for a good dry presentation.

“The Purple Yeti Strikes again”

The Rock Creek fish are eating the dry well in the mornings and evenings. When they slow down midday switch it up to a streamer. Bigger fish are found in any sort of cover in these low water levels we are seeing. Don’t throw something too big. Think the “Sparkle Minnow”.

The word on the Bitterroot is play when the clouds are in. The fish can be very picky on bright sunny days. Lower down on the river it is rapidly becoming a small mayfly game on long and light leaders, but headhunting the big fish makes it worth the heartache. There are still, as always lots of fish up high that are eager to eat any well presented fly.

The Blackfoot has been very consistent. Lots of guide boats heading up the ‘Foot.  Hoppers are still playing a big part in the food source for the fish along Highway 200. Purple still seems to be the ticket. Throw a dropper off the back in a Montana Prince or the Batman.

The Clark is on. The upper river above town is too skinny for most people, but the lower river is getting hot. Bugs, Heads looking up, and big fish. The little mayfly game is going down there. So if big fish on small flies is your gig, go west young man. The streamer would be a good bet if some clouds decide to show up.

Just get out and get after ’em. This is our favorite time of year. See you on the river.

-The MAngler.