Your New Secret Weapon

Need an extra 10 feet in your cast? We’ve got you covered.

Need a delicate  presentation to some picky trico risers? We have the answer.

How about a little more “Go’ before you run the gorge? No need to worry.

How about something to celebrate that big fish you just landed after 14 fly changes and you had to go down to 6x even though you didn’t want to? Don’t grab a beer…


Breakfast for the guide on the run or a midday pick me up for tired anglers. Pound down two of these bad boys and get back to catching. No need for grilled salmon or a red bull when these are stocked in your boat bag.

Instantly cast like a Rejeff or tie like Ron Beck.

Add a new weapon to arsenal today. At 2 for a buck you can’t beat em.

We will save you a few.

-The MAngler