Good Weather For Fishing On It’s Way

We are supposed to have a great weekend weather wise. Up into the 40’s for the next 4 days. No ice on the guides when it’s that warm.

We have been seeing fish rising every time we have been out. With the warmer Temps you will be able to find some midges and olives if you need a dry fly fix. Lots of ducks and geese in the area too. Maybe a cast and blast between the rising fish? Doesn’t sound too bad to me. You can bet that we will be getting after them. It’s been too good not to.

The Bitterroot and The Clark Fork have been fishing great. Midges and Olives on top. Eggs, Worms, Rubber legs, and micro mayfly stuff underneath. And for the big junk… Thrown something that looks like a baby brown. The sparkle minnow, JJ’s, The Space Invader, stuff like that. Work the bigger deeper runs low and slow. Let that bug get deep then slow strips and hang on. Some big fish have been on the prowl. The fish have moved from their summer lies into the slower water off the seams. Find the right water to find the fish. They will be there.

As we say… The same fish that eat in the summer have to eat in the winter, and we mean it. Go and get ’em.

-The MAngler

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