Streamer Fishing Good. Nymphing Great.

The fishing yesterday was hard to beat. The trick is finding the fish. But when you can find one, chance are there will be more around that one. Look for the big, deep, slow pools.

Work the inside edges where the fish can sit in the slow water and have the current bring them food. The water is cold now and anywhere you can find a in river spring that bumps the temp up a degree or two is a good spot to find the fish.

They were eating the worm, eggs, small mayfly stuff, and bigger stones. As for the streamers smaller profile bugs seemed to catch more fish, but the bigger bugs seemed to move bigger fish. Yellows, oranges, browns, and black seemed to be what they wanted. Saw a few fishing rising as well. So don’t leave your dry fly box at home.

All day on the river and we only saw one other angler. The fishing is great right now and you can have pretty much the whole river to yourself.

-The Mangler