Fly Sale Going Strong

It has taken me all morning to write this post because so many people have been in here taking advantage of the 55% off ALL FLIES Fly Sale.

Holiday Fly Sale

Some serious fly collecting has been taking place. It’s hard to think about Salmon flies and Hoppers when it’s snowing but they will be here before you know it. And you know… You can never have enough flies. Don’t forget the Skwalas either. March is only 3 months away.

The Streamer junkies have also been sneaking in to fill up their Cliff Boxes. Some are showing other people what they got. Other are keeping it on the down low. But we will let you know what the good word is.

The longer you wait the better the deal… But the good stuff goes fast. The Sparkle Minnows are getting thin. So don’t wait on those.

– The Mangler