Missoula Fishing Report For The First Day of Spring

Weather depending the fishing is good. Really good when everything is right.

The Skwalas are officially happening. The Neumoras are also out in numbers in the right weather. Lots of bugs on the Root. A good number on the Clark. We have been throwing double dries for about a week and a half now. If you want a few more fish to hand of course the bobber rigs can be more effective. The Rubber legs and the worm can be unstoppable in places. As for the bugs that float… The old school Green Machine, The Rouge, The Half Down, and The P.K. Stone have all been getting eats in the right water. The Fish aren’t in the typical summer Stone fly water yet. They are still in their early spring/winter water. Look for the soft inside edges, Slower, deeper banks, and anything that screams “Skwala Bank” at you. If you aren’t getting eats trying turning around and fishing the opposite of what isn’t working.

Bitterroot Skwalas

We have also had some of the “Picky fish” eat the size 12 or 14 Purple Haze, Bigger midge patterns, or something totally out of the box.

The Blackfoot has been giving up some nice fish, but it can be hit or miss this time of year. Nymphing has been the most productive, but some days the streamer game can be lights out. Catch it right and you can have a great day away from the crowds.

Rock Creek is chugging along like good ol’ Rock Creek should. Lots of fish that aren’t too picky and seem to be compelled to eat anything in the water right now. Some midge activity when the weather is right. Nymphing is still king up there. Rubber legs, Worms, and any Mayfly with a bead. It’s still more of a numbers game up there. If you want quantity head for the Creek.

Missoula Montana Guided Fly Fishing

We have all been fishing a lot so far this year and would love to give you a point in the right direction at the fly bins or towards the water. Come into the shop and ask Taylor or Zach what you need to know for a great spring day on the water.

We just got a handful of Green Anchors from Mike in the shop. If you are in the market for a new anchor look no further.

The Spring Skwala Special is also in full swing. Lots of folks are taking advantage of the discounted rates and having some great days on the water. Call the shop to book your day.

-The MAngler