A Little Bit Of A Bump Fishing Report

That warm weather from the weekend sent some more snow down the hills and into the river. But most of the Graphs look like they are leveling out. We aren’t too far from full blown run off, but for now… Go fishing.

Missoula Fly Fishing Report

Report from the guys on the water.

The big bugs are still around. Not in huge numbers. But enough that the fish will still pay attention. Low pro for your pattern if you wanna hold on to the Skwala Game.

March Browns. So many March Browns. They are big also. Don’t forget that. But the Olives are small. So cover your bases. I say try the bigger mayfly first, If they won’t eat that, then you go smaller. But its always nice when they eat the big bug.

Streamer fishing has been better on some days than others…But you already knew that. We have some awesome patterns here at the shop. A ton of meat for you junk throwers.

The Caddis are here too if that means anything to ya.

The river below Turah opens up tomorrow. That’s awesome and we cant wait to get in those 7 miles and do some serious exploring. We are guessing tomorrow will be more of a social float with all of the boats in there. If you are headed up there, Keep your head on a swivel. That’s a section of river no one has seen for quite some time. Expect to get out and look at some things before running them. Better safe than sorry. We will have a fully detailed report of the Turah section after Wednesday.

Beautiful weather on the way! Get on the water before big water comes.

-The MAngler