It’s Here And It’s Going To Get Big

It’s that time of year again. Where the trees in town are finally starting to get green. We can wear shorts and sandals. And the rivers blow out.

Since opening the shop this morning the Blackfoot has gone up 300 CFS. That’s almost 100 an hour.

Run Off is here and by the end of the week… Maybe tomorrow the rivers will be hard, if not impossible to fish. But that’s okay. We all have a bunch of tying to do before the summer season sets in. And now if the perfect time to break out the big rods and chase some warm water fish. Pike and bass are a great way to entertain yourself during high water. Don’t forget the awesome lakes and ponds around Missoula

Montana Bass Fishing

So look at run off as a blessing and get the boxes stocked for the summer and go catch some fish that don’t have adipose fins.

-The MAngler.