Days Off

We all have them. Some of us more often than others. They are great days, sometimes just evenings. And right now you can bet your boots when we get one we are on the water.

If you like to fish, catch fish, fish dry flies, be on the water, see trout, watch bugs, or have fun, You should be spending those precious ┬ádays off fishing. It’s good right now and the weather is headed towards Hot, Too Hot.

Shop Rats Stan and Zach got a day off this week and fished The Bitterroot. They helped out with the Missoula Parks and Rec Kids fly fishing camp and then spent the afternoon on the water. They said it was great from the time they put on, till dark. Big dries and some nice fish.

Guided Fly Fishing in Missoula

Taylor was on The Blackfoot yesterday and said the fish were looking up and he was surprised by some of the fish that ate dries. He was excited and his clients were all smiles.

The Clark just below town has had some awesome evening dry fly fishing. Tons of caddis and trout rising to them.

Get out and fish. It makes you happy.

-The MAngler