Watchful Eye

Changes Are On The Way

A big weather shift is head for Montana over the next few days. Precipitation and cooler temps are showing on the forecast. This will be a welcomed change from the record setting high temps we have been seeing the past few days.

Montana Womens Fly Fishing

This front will also bring a lot of bugs along with it. The Mayflies will explode in the cloud cover. Expect to see some blue wings wherever you are fishing. Don’t forget the Mahoganies and Hecubas as well. They fish are going to be looking up. They can feel the nights getting longer and the days getting cooler. They have to pack on the calories before all the bugs are done for the year.

Flies for the next few days: Peacock Trico, Hi-Viz BWO’s, Pink Alberts, Willys Red Ant, Purple Haze, Rocky Mtn. Mint, Flash Cripples, Purple ParaRoosters, H&L Variants, and Spring Creek Specials. 

The Mayflies festival is going to get crazy. Make sure you are out there. This is the best dry fly fishing of the year.

Travis say’s “Mend it and leave it in there. They will eat it.”…. Solid advise. It’s true. But the right fly helps too.

Stop by the shop and get the low down on what’s what around The Missoula area before you head out this fall. It’s our favorite season.

-The MAngler