2020 Missoula Spring Fly Fishing

Well so far 2020 has been an interesting year to say the least. With restrictions in Montana and the rest of the Country, there are few things that we have control over right now. Just like fly fishing in Montana, things can change very quickly and we all hope things turn for the better.

The one thing that has changed in Montana spring fishing is the guides are off the river and most of the college students have gone back home, which leaves the rivers with a little less company. For our Missoula fly fishing guides it has been a tough spring and we’re not really sure what the summer has in store for us. While this is a tough spring to swallow for all Montana fishing guides and outfitters, it’s leaving the rivers to the rest of the Missoula anglers to enjoy. Our Missoula fly shop staff have talked to lots of folks who have had stretches to themselves on some of the most beautiful days.

You would be amazed to see how many college students come into our shop to gear up to go fly fishing and as a business we do miss them but as anglers, we like seeing the rivers a little less crowded and less fishing pressure means uneducated fish which we also like.

If your one of those anglers that doesn’t dust off your rod until the Salmon flies hit the Missoula rivers in June then maybe this is the time to explore the best spring fly fishing in Montana. From throwing big bugs like Skwala’s to tiny mayflies like BWO’s, the spring has a little bit for everyone’s taste. Not to mention some of the best streamer fishing can be had on the rivers around Missoula in the spring.

Let’s face it, the world is a different place then it was last year, many of us are out of work for the time being, we’re being told to shelter in place UNLESS it’s for essential travel or outdoor recreation like fishing. Why sit at home and watch the doom and gloom news all day worrying about the same thing you did the day before. It’s not only important to get physical exercise in these times but it is even more important to stay sane and mentally healthy. What better way to get away from this stressful situation we are all in then to get out and enjoy some of the best Montana fly fishing of the year.

Take the family out, go enjoy the river on your own, just don’t get caught up in the doom and gloom mindset that many have right now. It’s not healthy for you or your family. 2020 doesn’t seem like it can get much worse so the only way is up from here. Go catch a few fish and enjoy the wonders of Montana and all the things that make life so special. After all life is to short and as my grandma use to say “this to shall pass”.