After a long winter we are finally seeing fish come to the surface consistently through out  the afternoon. We haven’t been seeing many adult Skwalas  around but they have been eating the big dry during the warmer temps of the day. Fish slower then usual water such as slow inside seems and slower riffles(walking speed water). Nemouras, Capnias, BWO’s, Midges and Skwalas are all on the menu. Look for more and more Skwalas as the temps warm up. Nymphing Stonefly nymphs in that size 10-12 range should keep you busy all day.

The Blackfoot is still a little chilly for great fishing but if you are like many of us at the shop then you may find yourself up here and the only boat on the water. We have floated the lower Foot quite a bit in the last few weeks and you may not be catching 20+ fish in a day but the fish we are catching on the streamers up there has made up for lack of numbers. Nymphing inside bends will produce some numbers if the streamer game isn’t producing for you.


Clark Fork

On the lower end we are starting to see some dry fly fishing pick up a bit. The streamer fishing has been very productive and we have seen some big fish eating streamers through out the day. We haven’t seen Skwala adults out on the Clark yet but we have been throwing them anyways in the afternoon and have been seeing a few fish here and there that are interested. Not the dry fly fishing we usually see in the spring on the Clark but it is getting close. Nymphing inside seems will be your most productive tactic.


Rock Creek

The nymphing and streamer fishing on Rock Creek has been really good so far this year. Still looking for a jump in water temps to get the dry fly madness popping. Tell then nymphing slower then usual water and dredging streamers slowly will get the fishes attention.


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