The Root has jumped up in flow the last few days with all the precipitation we have seen. Even with the bump in flows, the fishing has stayed pretty good. The best reports have been from mid river up towards the top, however we have heard of  a few good reports on the lower river too. Still not a bunch of Skwalas out but there is enough to start sparking their interest. Focus on the second half of the day if you are after the dry fly action. Nymphing is of course your most effective strategy at this point. Deep nymph rigs are the way to go typically led by a Stonefly nymph and dropping a smaller nymph such as Purple Prince, Hare’s Ear, Pheasant Tail or one of our many varieties of jig nymphs. If you love streamer fishing then this is also a great time for streamers. Fish them slow and low.


Not the best option until things warm up but if you like solitary and are ok with working each run hard then this might just be a fit for you. Inside seems with deep nymph rigs and dead drifting streamers is the way to go. The fish are there and willing to eat but they wont move far so spend lots of time on each run and cover every inch.

Clark Fork

The Clark has bumped up in flows and turning dark in color. With current conditions this is not your best option. Hopefully with a little help from the weather, this will level out and clear up a bit before we go into full runoff.

Rock Creek

We are starting to see some big Skwalas hatching and the fish are slowly starting to look up for them. Rock Creek is a great option this time of year and can produce good fishing regardless of the fluctuating flows. Nymphing with Stonefly patterns and streamers is your best option especially the first half of the day but don’t hesitate to throw on a Skwala dry in the afternoon.

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