Bitterroot River

It appears that the Bitterroot will give us another window of opportunity before big water hits. After a few cold nights, the river has dropped and clarity is looking good. The forecast calls for dry and cooler temps so that should hold off runoff for a bit. For dries the March Brown in the clouds has been our go to and a single Skwala in the sun. With the water temperature rising to mid 40’s to 50, the streamer fishing can be as good as it gets.


Blackfoot River

The Blackfoot is coming back down and starting to turn dark green. While not off the hook by any means and not a numbers game, the Blackfoot River can produce some hogs this time of year. Streamer fishing is our preferred method this time of year, but nymphing inside seams will usually be a more effective strategy if you are after numbers.


Clark Fork River

Not the best option right now but if you have your mind set on the Clark Fork then focus on inside seams fishing deep nymphs and streamers. Taking advantage of clear runs behind tributaries is always a good option with off color conditions on the big river.


Rock Creek

Like many other streams right now, Rock Creek is recovering from a big bump in flows which turned things off for a few days. Rock Creek has also enjoyed a break from the rain and a dropping flows the last few days and is back to a solid option. We have had a few of our guys floating and is not a bad option at these flows. While it is a bit high for preferred wade fishing flows, it still isn’t a bad option at all for wading either. The Skwala and March Brown dry has been our tactic up here and when the dry fly fishing is slow, we throw on a streamer. Look for slower holding water and deep nymph rigs for numbers.

May is here and that means it’s almost time to drive over the hill and hit the Missouri.

We have stepped up our fly game for the Mo this year.

Come check em out and let us know what you think!

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