Missouri River Fishing Report

Fishing Report 5-7 and High Water Fishing Options.

There’s no way to sugar coat it. The rivers around Missoula are blown and look like Russell’s morning espresso. That being said… You can still catch fish.

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This is the time of year that forces us to get out of our comfort zone and fish some water that we only fish this time of year. Lakes, Tailwaters, Ponds, and weird sneaky stuff is what you should focus you energy on right now.

The Missouri River The Mo has been fishing like a dream lately. We have been running trips over there with great success. The bugs are showing up and the fish are eating them. The nymphing has been off the charts and the dry fly fishing in the canyon and lower river has been great.

If you are interested in a Missouri River trip give us a call. We have a high water Missouri Package that will get you on the water when everything else is not an option.

Lakes- The lake fishing this time of year can be, and often is fantastic. Stripping leeches and other bugger type stuff can put a lot of fish in the net. Stop by the shop and we will point you in the right direction if you want to give lake fishing a shot.

Warm Water Fish – Pike, Bass, Perch, Carp, Ect… These fish never get the attention they deserve. The aggressive eats and delicious fish tacos you get from pike fishing should have every one of you rigging up your 8 wt. We have a few pike hunters here in the shop that can get you rigged for these monsters. Don’t expect Aaron to point his finger on a map but he will give you the tools to go find them on your own (He won’t even tell me where he catches his biggest pike).

As always, stop by the shop for the honest fishing report and everything you need and nothing you don’t.

-The MAngler

…Because you fish


Womens Fly Fishing

Spring Fishing Is Here!

“Spring Fishing Report”

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The Bitterroot:

We have been on the water the past few weeks. This past weekend was the first with great weather all weekend. The fishing has been very consistent sub-surface.  Rubber legs and Worms on the inside bends have been the key. We saw lots of folks fishing the more typical “Stonefly” water (Outside bends, heavier riffles, and what we call Summer Water). While you may get a few fishing that water, higher densities of fish are still in the 4-8 foot walking speed water. When you hook one, fish the exact same lane. The fish are stacked tight right now.  We have been spending most our time between Hamilton and Florence. Managed a few fish on the dry fly, but the dry fly fishing should vastly improve by next weekend.

The Clark Fork:

Very similar to The Root. Rubber Legs and Worms on the inside bends. We saw a few skawala adults on the river below town this weekend. They will eat the dry bug but you have to stick with it. Again the dry fly game will improve by the weekend.

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Bugs For Both Rivers:

Nymphs- Rubber legs in lighter colors sz 8-12. Worms in pink, red, purple, wire, sparkle. Olive double bead stones.

Dries- Rouge, Half down, True, Carnage, California Blonde, PK, and Rastaman Skwala.

Lots of exciting new products in the shop. Stop by to see the changes and to stock up the spring box. We have a pile of Skwalas and they wont catch fish if they aren’t on the water.

– The MAngler

Don’t Hang Up The Fly Pole

It may be cold. It may be hunting season. And it may be time to put a fresh coat of wax on your skis. But for the love of the trout gods…

Don’t stop fishing.

Dr. Ed Hart with another one!

Dr. Hart with an awesome fish from earlier this year

This time of year can be hit or miss. But on the “Hit” days, oh man is it good.

Everyone is up in the hills chasing the furry animals and the rivers are forgotten. You can have it all to yourself. It’s pretty cool.

Like I tell everyone here in the shop, “The same fish that eat in the summer, have to eat in the winter too!”

So stop by the shop and we will tell you when and where you need to be to catch the biggest fish you have ever caught. Maybe.

-The MAngler