What The Guides Are Saying About Oct.

Directly from the mouths of some MAngler Guides. Remember they are fishing guides. Most likely they are lying.

Missoula Fly Fishing Guides

Mike stuck this awesome old Cuttie on a size 10 H&L. Stud Fish Mike!

(We know the photo is from Sept. But it’s a great fish!)

Travis: (Laughing) “Dude, It’s been stupid. Olives, Octobers, Mahog’s. They are all out. Not to mention the streamer game. And you know me… That’s what I am all about. Any day we get an 18 inch brown in the first tail out below the boat ramp is a good day.”

Russell: “It doesn’t matter what fly we have on. They are going to eat it. We had a blast. We were just gitty catching these awesome fish on big dry flies in October. “

Zach: “I have never seen fish on The Blackfoot pod up like that. It was awesome. And we couldn’t put ’em down. We had a blast. Hands down this is my favorite time of year to be on the water.”

We aren’t seeing boats and the fishing is great. Get out and go fishing. We love this time of year. The fishing are looking up and packing on as many calories as they can.

Trico Time

This is some of our favorite fishing of the year. If you like big fish eating tiny dry flies in rhythm, it will be your favorite too.

One reason we love trico fishing is because it isn’t easy. The big fish are picky and can get snobby. It’s a small fly and tippet game. Getting them to eat is sometimes the easy part. Fighting a fired up fish in 6x will test the ability of any angler.

Guided Fly Fishing Trips

The lower rivers can have some fantastic trico fishing. The bugs will die mid-morning and the fish will gorge themselves for hours while the bugs are blanketing the water.

Get out and give the Tricos a go. It’s tough fishing but it’s fun to see a pod of trout make a wake eating mayflies.

-The MAngler.

Clark Fork Back In The Game

FWP has Lifted the Hoot Owl Restrictions on the Clark Fork.  So while we can now fish after 2 pm, Please use common sense when fighting and handling fish. It is still hot out and they still need to be treated carefully. Some days it might be a good idea to be off of the water by 2 pm anyway. Take care of our fish because they take care of us.

-The MAngler

Top Ten Things To Do During Hoot Owl Restrictions

Here is the MAngler’s top 10 list of things to fill the time between 2 pm and Midnight.

Montana Fly Fishing Guides

10- Fish the Tribs and Lakes that you have always wanted to but never “Had the time”

9- Restock the empty slots in your fly boxes, you know you need to and now is the perfect time.

8- Practice your duck calling and clean up the decoys from last season

7- Fish for Carp

6- Wash your boat and clean out the nasty in the bottom of your cooler

5- Charlie B’s

4- Sleep. The 5 am meet times are early for everyone

3- Edit the 6,789 photos from the last 5 months

2- MAngler BBQ’S

1- Beat Ron at washers.

Stan stays busy during hoot owl restrictions by currently leading the Missoula Amateur Lawn mower racing circuit.

Ron stays busy by fishing creeks 3 feet wide for 6 inch brook trout

Aaron goes pike fishing. But he won’t tell us where.

Taylor watches Kobe’s early career highlights

And nobody knows what Russell does.

-The MAngler

Just give our fish a break….

There Is Still Some Great Fishing To Be Had

It’s not all bad. We do have restrictions and the water is warm. But this is a great time of year to get out and do some exploring on some of our local creeks and alpine lakes.

Fly Fishing Alpine Lakes

The tributaries are staying cold and there are more than a life time’s worth within an hour of Missoula. Most of the time you won’t even run into another angler on the little streams.

Small Stream Fly Fishing

Besides being a great change of pace and full of cold water there are fish that will surprise anyone not only with their fight but their size as well. These fish will be fired up compared to their main-stem relatives. AAron and Ron know plenty of creeks and would love to give you a point in the right direction. But some of them you are going to have to find on your own.

Think attractor patterns, but scale them down for the smaller streams and creeks. Trudes, Stimi’s, PMX’s and smaller terrestrials.

Go Get ‘Em

-The MAngler

Hoot Owl Hours

We are fishing early if you like it or not now. FWP has placed Hoot Owl Restrictions on The Clark Fork and Bitterroot Rivers. That means rods up at 2 pm.

We know it’s a bummer and can be a pain, but it’s for the best interest for the fish that we all love. This summer heat is hard on them and we can do our part to help out. So check the regs before you head out to make sure you are following the rules.

This link has all of the restrictions and reopenings as they come up. Check it before you get on the water.


-The Mangler.