Who Are The Missoulian Anglers?

We have some fresh faces around the shop for the summer. Some you have seen before and some new ones. So here is a run down of the fellas behind the counter, at the vice, helping you pick out flies, and on the oars.

Russell Parks– Supreme Commander/Provost/Prime Minister.

Head Honcho

The Head Honcho.

Stone Cold Game Face. On the water or throwing washers. One word for this guy… Clutch.

Ron Beck– The Old Timer

Ron Beck

This guy has been around The Missoula Fly Fishing Scene since long before it was “Cool”. Just look at those glasses. (That’s not a bad brown either). When Ron talks fishing you should be listening. Ron is one of the best fly tiers in the state and chances are he has already tied your secret bug, when he was a teenager. This guy will get you into fish. Just ask.

Aaron Shattuck– I’m on my way Shattuck


Aaron is also an accomplished fly tier. You have fished some of his patterns if you have fished the west. Aaron is a big time pike hunter. He can get the Y bone out before you can say fish tacos. Aaron is a great teacher and loves to help beginners out. But don’t expect to see him out past 7 pm. He has yet to make it to a MAgler BBQ even though he has told us he has been “On his way” every time.  He is worth having in the shop regardless, so we keep him around.

Taylor Scott- Shop Manager/Guide/Kobe Fan/The Local.

Taylor Scott

Taylor grew up in Rattlesnake creek and has spent his whole life on Missoula water. Taylor has seen a quarter century of fishing seasons and has the stories to prove it. Taylor spends his days off guiding in the shop. On the rare day he isn’t working, he will be throwing his huge streamers on The Blackfoot. He is also money with the 18′ fade away. Reigning Washers team champion.

Zach Scott – Social Director

Zach Scott

This is Zach’s second season on the MAngler Team. The guy behind the Blog and BBQ’s. One of the young guns at the shop.

Stan Spoharski– The Beaver Trapper

Stan spoharski

The newest member of the MAgler team. Every shop needs a red neck and Stan is ours. Stan has been fishing and hunting his entire life. He and Zach fish together all the time and have to get out when they can. Sometimes fishing from midnight till they have to be at the shop at 7 am. Stan gets after the fish and has been a great addition to the shop this season.

These are the guys at the shop. They are all pumped up to get people on to fish and love to help beginners. Stop by and say hi to to these fellas.

See you on the water.

-The MAngler

What The Guides Are Saying

Here is the Missoula Area Fishing Report  from the water yesterday. Right from our guides mouths…. So you know it’s the truth.

Salmon fly

Jason on the Bitterroot– “We crushed ’em on Goldens. Lots of fish to the net and many more eats that we missed. It was a great day. They were even eating the Golden stone nymph on the rise. The Bugs are close. It’s gonna be good in the next 48 hours.”

Russell on The Creek– “It was stupid. We fished one fly all day. I love it”

Zach on The Blackfoot– “Nymphing the Golden in the Morning was great. Dries once the sun got on the water were even better. Lot’s of boats, but the fish were still on.”

Missoula Guided Fly Fishing

Shop Rat Stan on The Clark– “Swinging caddis in the evening was awesome. Lots of fish eating all the way till dark. I’ll be back tonight.”

There you have it. They are all fishing right now. It’s go time in Missoula and we are all on the water every day. You should be too.

-The Mangler

The Top 5 Things I have Learned

It has been one year since I started working at the Missoulian Angler and on the MAngler. I have learned more about Missoula and the fly fishing culture around it then I ever knew existed. This is a list of the top five things I have learned over the past year.

5. Zap a Gap and Zip kicker burn the hell out of your fingers when applied one after the other. You would think I would learn. Really. It hurts.

4. Folks who fly fish can be incredibly competitive when it comes to lawn games. They can forget about missed fish, but they will loose sleep over a lost washers game.

Missoulian Angler Fly Shop

3. Ron Beck and Aaron Shattuck have fished your secret spot. They have been doing it for years, and have caught fish out of it you didn’t even know existed. Just accept that and it gets easier. Kind of.

2. The folks who shop at The MAngler are fishy people. They aren’t in here to buy a puffy jacket or pretend that they get out all the time. They are the ones we see on the water. I like that a lot. The Missoulian Angler is the real anglers shop. Hands down.

Missoula Fly Fishing Guides

1. The guys in this shop are the most patient fly shop staff I have ever met. They really care about getting people into fish. They get excited when someone brings in fish photos with the fly they helped pick out hanging out of the big ones’ mouth. Beginners or experts it doesn’t matter, these guys will tell you how it is and where to go. No B.S. point in the wrong direction. Good people.

Fly Tying Lessons

It has been a blast working with all of the people who come into the shop. The customers are the ones that make this place so great. Thanks to the all MAnglers out there. Keep it up and get out there.

P.s.- The Salmonflies are ten miles up the creek. Call in sick and get after it. Life is too short to not go fishing.

Rock Creek is ready for the big show.

Whispers in the shop this morning about awesome amounts of bugs on the lower river. Everything seems to be running early thing year. So it’s not a surprise that the Cheetos hatch is already happening on the lower creek.

Montana Salmonfly

The bugs are already in the willows and the fish are eating in the fast water already. That’s a great sign that it’s go time.

The other water won’t be far behind. As they get into shape the bugs will follow.

So grab a fresh spool of 3x and your favorite big orange bug. It’s go time.

-The MAngler

Fishing Report 5/22

All of the graphs have been falling steadily for the past week. The cooler weather has slowed down the high water enough to give us some great fishing the past few days. We have stuck with the dry fly all weekend and never had to go underneath to get them.

Guided Montana Fly Fishing Trips

Big Dries all day with some great fish coming up to eat on top. We have been seeing a bunch of mayflies and golden stones, with a few Salmonflies thrown in the mix. The Purple Haze, The Golden Chubby and Willy’s Ant all caught fish all day.

Get out before the next bump in water comes.

-The MAngler