Creek Opener

The 3rd Saturday in May. That’s a big day for all of us. The tributaries open up for the fishing season.

Small Stream. Big Fish

We love fishing the main rivers. But the creeks and small streams are something else. Something special. Smaller water, tight casting, and sometimes surprisingly big fish.

Montana Fishing Season

The creeks will clear up to fish-able water levels first so we may be forced to get our trout fix in little water, But hey, that’s just fine with us.

So get out and explore a little creek you have never fished. Who knows. It might be your new secret spot.

-The MAngler

Time To Tie

Since writing the fishing report yesterday morning the Blackfoot has gone up around 700 CFS. That is quite the jump. The Clark here in town turned brown and the water is up in the willows at the Doubletree.

That means it’s official. Spring run off is in full swing.

Fly Tying Lessons

That means it’s time to start tying bugs. Get those Goldens, PMDs, Sallies, and Tricos ready to rock and roll. Don’t forget your salmonflies either.

It’s also a great time of year to learn.

Get those bugs cranking and be ready when the water gets right.

-The MAngler

Fish “The Window”

The fishing this spring has been good. Really good. With a hint of great.

… But…

There is always a “But”…

It has been good during what we like to call “The Window”. That period of time where the water warms up enough to get the bugs moving and the fish eating. Lately it has been from 1-4 pm. Give or take an hour each way.

Guided Montana Fly Fishing Trips

No need to be up at dawn this time of year. Bankers hours. We like it. When it’s good, get after it. When it’s slow, Well your guess is as good as mine.

Short and sweet for now. But the sweet is worth the short.

Big water is on the way. Get out now while things are fishable. Soon it will be time to tie flies.

-The MAngler.

Don’t Hate

Lot’s of people look down on fish that aren’t trout.

What a Sucka

Why? I don’t. The Suckers, The Pikeminnows, and the Grand White Fish. They eat the same things trout do.

Northern Pikeminnow

They don’t just roll over when you hook them either, and lots of time you’re not sure it’s not a trout until you can see it.

Northern Bonefish

I say live it up. Use them as practice for landing fish. At least you know your fly is working. And whats cooler than a fish without teeth that eats a streamer?

The Pikeminnow

So don’t hate on the “Non-Trouts”. They are fish too.

It’s absolutely beautiful out today. Get out and go fishing.

-The MAngler

“Skwala Blindness”

It’s easy to get into a rut during a hatch like the Skwalas. Something tells us “Dry or Die” all the time. And that is absolutely O.K. But if the fish aren’t eating the dry and you are willing to make something happen, then change tactics.

Guided Fly Fishing Trips in Montana

This fish is a perfect example of the guy in the front of the boat starting with the dry early and the guy in the back throwing a streamer. While the guy in the front caught a fish here or there. The Streamer moved a lot of fish and had more eats than the skwala to start. Not to mention, bigger fish… Like this one.

Now as the day warmed up and the fish began to look up the dry got more attention and a bullethead took the place of the deer hair and lead eyes.

Just a thought for you on this chilly April morning. Just because the dry bugs work sometimes, don’t go blind to all of your other options. If they will eat something else, try that and wait for the water to warm up and get the fish eating on top.

-The MAngler