Watch Your Approach

Fishing to rising fish this time of year can be tricky. Not Trico tricky. But maybe more. Little bugs and fish that got big for a reason. They ain’t dumb.

Its fun though. Sometimes maddening. But going toe to toe with a big trout is what it’s all about.

Bow hunters take there boots off to get close, maybe you should take your waders off so the fish wont hear you coming? As they say “It’s only weird if it doesn’t work”.

Stay low. Small bugs. Small tippet. Don’t blow the cast or the first drift and they are in trouble.

Go and get ’em.

-The MAngler


One of our favorite newer products that we have in the shop. If you were in the shop at all this year you most likely heard us suggest to pick up a bottle of our favorite floatant. We personally use it on all of our dry flies. One dunk and you are good to go for the whole day, maybe more.

Stop by to pick up a fresh bottle for your late season dry fly fishing. Your BWO’s and Midge clusters will stay dry fish after fish.

We all have a bottle and a spare in our boat bags. This stuff isn’t a fad. It will be around for a while. Trust us. We work in a fly shop.

-The MAngler

Bacon and Eggs

Bacon and eggs. Worms and “Globugs” for the purists. We all know they are really just eggs. But they work. And now is the time. If you are a bobber rig kind of person you want to have a few dozen in your winter fly box.

With the Browns on the spawn and the whitefish close behind there are lots of eggs floating past lots and lots of trout. And they like to eat ’em. So don’t leave town without a few worms, eggs, and a fresh pack of thingamabobbers.

-The MAngler

It Feels Like Streamer Fishing Out There.

The trees are all turning their yellows and reds. The smell of burning wood smoke is in the air and the clouds are here. Crisp mornings and cool days. Its all set for the perfect streamer days. It’s a wonderful time of the year. Grab your 7 wt, your bugger barn full of articulated junk and your sink tips.

All of the rivers are on the streamer bite right now. The big bad browns are getting aggressive and they are on the hunt.

Go find ’em. Or let us find them for you. All of our guides love to throw streamers. Treat yourself to our fall and winter guided trip special. Only $300 dollars for a full day. Split it with a buddy and let someone else row you down the river. It’s a great time of year to be on the water!

-The MAngler

Take The Kids Fishing

It’s a great way to get kids active in the outdoors and in fly fishing. After all they are the future of the sport.

Here is Taylor on his first Smith River trip. His parents got him going at a young age and it has served him well!

Now Taylor is paying it forward with his nephews.

Get your kids involved in the outdoors and take them fishing!

-The MAngler