These savage fish haunt the sloughs and backwaters of our rivers and we have what you need to go toe to toe with them.

If rising trout get your heart pounding wait till you see a pike rocket towards your fly from their hiding place in the weeds. They are built for speed and love to show it off to a well presented fly.

Throwing flies that are bigger than a lot of trout is fun. Seeing the big fish eat them is even more fun and a little bit addictive.

With these fish its go big or go home. Don’t bother with your 5 weight, grab a 7 and a big reel, and unless you want to lose a bunch of flies don’t worry about your regular mono. Go Steel.

Come on in and we will get you set up to catch these predators and we can even give you the low down on where to go.

-The MAngler

The Perfect Day for Fishing

After who knows how many days of bright sun the clouds have rolled in and it smells like rain. The perfect day to get out a fool some hungry trout.

The bugs will be coming off with the clouds. If  the dry fly game is your thing, today is the day. If you are a streamer junkie this cloud cover will have the bigger fish on the hunt.

The Blackfoot would be a great game plan to throw meat until the bugs pick up. Word on the street is the upper Root is super hot right now. Lots of people boating lots of fish all day. Rock creek will be your ace in the hole. Don’t forget the old Clark. The bug mass on that river is considerable and everyday things are better and better for that recovering river.

Check out these great articulated streamers that The MAngler’s own Ron Beck has been tying for the shop. People are snatching these up faster than he can tie them. We have a few today so you are in luck if you are looking for your newest addition to the streamer box.

The fish are hungry and looking to eat with the clouds. Get out while the getting is good!

-The MAngler

Missoula Fly Shop

DeYoung Windows

The front windows of the shop got a face lift this week.

Derek DeYoung’s trout are bringing new life to our shop.

Hoppers all year around here now!

Next time you are around the shop make sure to check out our new windows. We are pretty excited with how they turned out!

The MAngler