Flies and Flies

We got a bunch of great new patterns in from Montana Fly Company today.

Streamers and more new streamers.

Lots of people in again from all over the country. Montana in the summer attracts all types. I am sure you are that type.

Come freshen up your iphone with one of these.

We will be here cranking out flies on the vice and offering a point in the right direction everyday. Can’t wait to see you.

-The MAngler

The MAngler In The News

The MAngler has made several appearances in our local media in the last week. In case you have missed them  Taylor has been interviewed twice. Once by KECI and once by Missoula Magazine.

KECI Interview-


Missoula Magazine Interview-


The recent announcement of our Public Boat Wash Station was also covered in a great article in the Missoulian.


So take some time and read these great articles. We really enjoyed them.

Girl Scout Fly Tying

This past week we started all of our fly tying and rod building classes. Just wanted to post some pics from a separate class; Girl Scout Troop 3832 came in a tore up some funky buggers! I had a great time with the girls and looking forward to some more tying with them. Thanks for the soap and candy girls.