Find Your Happy Place

We notice this phenomenon more around Salmon fly time, but it’s a year round occurrence. An angler walks in and says to us, “The Pteranarcys are 2mm shorter this year than they were last year. Do you know why that might be?” And after we...

Bitterroot River Fly Fishing Guided Trip

In Search Of Big Trout

Slabside. Pig. Brother Two Foot. Doesn’t matter the slang you use, lifetime fly fishing memories are made as you venture on the water, sights set on the size of the result. But how do you find them? What’s the secret for locating that fish of...


Creek Time

Tributaries in the Western District open the third Saturday of May every year in Montana, opening up a lot of new waters we haven’t been able to fish since December! The cold nights and cooler days will provide some good fishing in the upper reaches...