Missoula Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report 7/22

Missoula Fishing Report

July 22nd

The fishing in and around Missoula has been good. The fish are catching a break on water temperatures and it is making all the difference. Regardless of that, the Hoot Owl Restrictions are still upon us. The Bitterroot is heating back up again, so keep that in mind while fighting fish. The Clark Fork, Bitterroot, and Blackfoot are all shut down from 2pm to midnight each day. Rock Creek is a great option for those of you who can’t get out early in the day, and the spruce moths are going wild there. Georgetown Lake has been fishing really well. Keep exploring those alpine lakes and smaller bodies of water that we are so lucky to be surrounded by. There are countless hidden gems around Missoula that are worth taking advantage of. It doesn’t look like there will be any rain in the next few days, though it is supposed to cool down mid week.

River Camp

According to old weather lores, pink clouds in the west mean that rain is coming. We’ve been having some prettttty killer sunrises lately. Go see for yourself!

The Bitterroot: PMDs, hoppers, caddis, PEDS, yellow sallies

The Blackfoot: Spruce moths, MAngler moths, hoppers (small, 10/12), tan and purple hoppers, pink and yellow terrestrials, stimulators, attractor patterns, elk hair caddis

Clark Fork:  PMDs, spruce moths, hoppers, elk hair caddis, mayflies, yellow sallies

Rock Creek: Spruce moths, MAngler moths, hoppers, elk hair caddis, purple haze, parachute adams

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Missoula Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report 7/19

Missoula Fishing Report

July 19th 

Cooler temps! Hallelujah! 

We’re seeing some moisture and the temperatures are dropping. July is already doing us a lot more favorites than June did. The Blackfoot actually dropped down to 58 last night, and the Upper Bitterroot hit 54 degrees. For the most part, things are the same. We’ve had some overcast days which can mean really killer fishing. Get out early to try and beat the traffic, and take advantage of these water temps. The water levels on the Bitterroot are dropping, so the upper parts are doing a lot better than the lower stretches. Rock Creek is still running pretty low, although the rain is helping all of the rivers out. The Blackfoot is still fishing really well, and The Clark Fork is decent too. If it’s sunny, head to the Blackfoot. When it’s cloudy, get on The Clarkfork or the Bitterroot. The Tricos are also beginning to hatch, so we will be seeing those in the next few days.

Clark Fork Fly Fishingc

Bitterroot River: PMDs, PEDs, caddis, attractor patterns, hoppers, yellow sallies, rubber legs, Goldens, lightning bugs, and tricos.

Blackfoot River: Once again, don’t overlook the heavier runs on the Blackfoot right now. You’d be surprised where some of the fish are lounging right now. Try throwing some spruce moths, PMDs, hoppers, stimulators, Chernobyls, and elk hair caddis.

Clark Fork River: Hoppers, spruce moths, mayflies, elk hair caddis, chubby style attractor patterns, yellow sallies.

Rock Creek: Either get out early, or go later on. Rock creek is NOT currently under Hoot Owl Restrictions, so you’re free to fish it whenever you please. Spruce moths, caddis in the evening, purple haze, parachute adams, elk hair caddis, Goldens, and big attractor patterns. Don’t hesitate to throw some streamers in the heavy runs.

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Missoula Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report 7/14th

Missoula Fishing Report 


Return of the spruce moths… 

The spruce moths have been fluttering around over the past few days. They don’t appreciate the rain as much as we do, and this overcast weather has them hiding. Once the weather starts warming up again, these bugs will be swarming, and the fish will undoubtedly be eating. They’ve been out in full force on the Blackfoot, as well as the Clark Fork. There will be plenty around Rock Creek as well. The MAngler is getting a bunch of spruce moths in today, so stop in if you need to throw a couple in your fly box. An elk hair caddis can also be a decent substitution. Use a light tan or gray body and cut of the hackle thats on the belly- that way it will float like a spruce moth rather than skate around the water like a caddis.

ssspruce moth

Working away on some spruce moths. Go check out our blog post to watch Ron’s video on his version of tying a spruce moth!

 ( https://www.missoulianangler.com/2015/07/mangler-spruce-moth-tie-your-own/ )

Aside from that, things are staying pretty steady. It rained last night, though it looks like our chance of precipitation may be going down. It could very well still be cloudy and humid. Don’t forget that there is plenty of great water to be fished apart from that under Hoot Owl Restrictions. Go explore some creeks and alpine lakes, pray for rain, and be off the agua by two o clock pm! While fishing our rivers, don’t overlook the heavier water.

Blackfoot River: spruce moths, PMDs, elk hair caddis, stimis, hoppers, double beaded stones, chernobyls

Bitterroot River: Rusty spinners, PMDs, golden stones, hoppers, lightning bugs

Clark Fork River: Spruce moths, elk hair caddis, chubby style attractor patterns, yellow sallies, hoppers

Rock Creek: Spruce moths, elk hair caddis, PMDs, goldens, big attractors, parachute adams. Throw some nymphs and streamers in the heavy runs

-The MAngler


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Missoula Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report 7/12/2015


JULY 12thIMG_20150710_135447-1

Our beloved Blackfoot River on Thursday afternoon

Our rain dances must be making a difference, because we’re getting some strange moisture falling from the sky. If you are reading this report, please take a moment of silence, or just keep doing your jig. The Blackfoot actually dropped down to 61 degrees during the night, making for some content fish. We have some rain in the forecast, and the temps should finally be dropping as well. Don’t let the weather keep you inside… The fishing could be pretty swell. Shaded banks and heavier water could be key to getting into some big fish right now. Don’t hesitate to fish the deep runs in the middle of the river. Hoot Owl Restrictions are still in full force, get off the river by two pm!

Blackfoot River- spruce moths, goldens, PMDs, hoppers, San Juan worms, prince, stimis, caddis in the evening

Bitterroot River- Yellow sallies, PMDs, hoppers, mayflies, lightning bugs, rusty spinners

Clark Fork River- PMDs, hoppers, prince, chubby style attractor patterns, yellow sallies, San Juan worms, caddis in the evening

Rock Creek- big attractors, goldens, spruce moths, parachute adams, hoppers, evening caddis, nymphs and streamers in the heavy runs. (Do NOT overlook the heavier water!)

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-The MAngler




Missoula Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report 7/9/2015

Missoula Fishing Report

JULY 9th

Montana Fall Fly Fishing

Not much has changed in the past few days. If you’re looking to get into some trout, you need to get out as early as possible and be ready to combat some heat early in the day. The water temps are still higher than we’d like, but they seem to be dropping once the sun goes down (yeehaw!) 60 degree water has the fish jumping for joy… literally.

Don’t forget about Hoot Owl restrictions that have been instituted by FWP in order to protect our wildlife. Get on the river early, and make sure to be reeling up by 2 pm. This leaves plenty of opportunity to catch some fish, as the fishing seems to turn off midday anyway. Keep in mind that the river temperatures are still quite high before 2 o clock, and the water is not as oxygenated as we’d desire. Respect our wildlife!

Bitterroot and Clark Fork River- Caddis, yellow sally, PMDs, rusty spinners, hoppers and chubby style attractors, pheasant tails, golden stones

Blackfoot River- Chubby style attractors, rubber legs, hoppers, stimulators, purple haze, elk hair caddis, parachute adams

Rock Creek- elk hair caddis, sallies, PMDs, caddis, hoppers, chubby style attractor patterns, royal wulffs

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-The MAngler

Missoula Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report 7/6

Missoula Fishing Report

July 6th


The Cooler Weather has help the rivers temps drop dramatically. The Blackfoot Dropped all the way down to 66 degrees last night. While we aren’t out of the woods yet this certainly help a great deal. Keep doing your rains dances and pray for cooler temps. 

As for the fishing…. The Clark Fork, Blackfoot, Bitterroot, and Rock Creek are all the same in the fact that they are fishing better early than late. Hoot Owl restrictions are in effect around our area. You have to be off the water at 2 pm. While it seems like a drag, it is incredibly helpful for the fish we all love. So please respect the restrictions and our amazing resources. It will be worth it in the long run. 

Back to the fishing… PMD’s, Sallies, Hoppers, and Caddis are on the main stage right now. The fish are sitting in the fast riffles and deep buckets. If you are the first boat they see that day they will eat the dry fly. Fish it. 

This warm water is a great reason to explore smaller creeks and some of the awesome alpine lakes we have around here. There is more small water around Missoula than you can fish in a lifetime. Get out and explore and you might be surprised what you will find. 

If you need a point in the right direction, Ron and AAron are walking encyclopedias about small streams around Missoula. You can buy most of their knowledge with a Budweiser.  

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-The MAngler