Missoula Fishing Report

Cinco De Mayo Missoula Fishing Report

Cinco De Mayo Missoula Fishing Report

The Water’s Rising!

Don’t panic. Easier said than done. The rivers are all on a fairly steep upward trend. There are parts of the local rivers that have remained fairly stable. But the combination of warm temps and the forecast for rain will almost certainly push everything into full runoff mode. But who knows, Maybe not.

There are lots of bugs out right now if you can find water clear enough for the fish to eat them. Flying Skwalas, March Browns, Beatis, Drakes, Nemouras, and Caddis. This is an awesome time of year to get out and explore some water that we don’t normally get to fish if you are focused on trout. There are lots of lakes and ponds in the area that hardly receive any fishing pressure at all. If  you are willing to switch your focus to warm water species you can catch Bass and Pike all through Run-Off and never have to take a break while the water is high. That’s a lot of fun, and who doesn’t get a kick out of throwing huge flies on wire tippet to fish that can bite you? 

Stop by the shop and let us point you int he right direction for May. Lot’s of great fishing opportunities even when the water is high. We have LOTS of warm water bugs. Stop by and check them out!

-The MAngler


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