Covid-19 Operation Changes

At the time of this writing, Montana has one of the lowest counts of confirmed Covid-19 cases in the United States. Our local and state officials have made a lot of quick acting steps to slow the spread down before it gets out of hand. Time will tell how many people in Montana will be affected by this.

In Montana, social distancing is something that many of us already do by fishing, hiking, biking, hunting and enjoying the great outdoors. However, there is no doubt that this will affect our business, our community and the way we all go about our daily lives. We are implementing a few measures around our shop and our guided trips going forward to ensure the safety of our staff, guides, customers and guests.

The Shop

  • For those who are worried about shopping in our store, we are offering a few different ways for you to gear up and go fish the Missoula area without stepping foot inside our store.

Option #1

Call your order in before you stop by and we will put your order together and we will place it in a designated spot in the parking lot. We will process payment over the phone or via Paypal.

Option #2

Email your order and we will take the same procedures as mentioned in option #1.

Option #3

Call or email your order and we will ship to anywhere in Montana with no shipping charges on orders over $50. Email is [email protected]

  • We will be taking extra precautions by cleaning surfaces and door handles often.
  • We are asking our Missoula fly shop staff and guides to stay home if they feel sick.
  • We ask you to please not come in the store if you are feeling sick.
  • Payments with credit card or Apple Pay are encouraged.

Our guided trips

  • For the time being we would like to pick you up from your lodging and ask that you buy licenses online before your trip to limit any exposure.
  • If possible, our guides would meet you at the put in ramp on the river to limit time in the vehicle.
  • Our guides are now required after every day to disinfect all gear, seats and anything else that our guests may be touching throughout the day.
  • We encourage our guests to bring their own lunches and drinks for their trip. $15 per person will be refunded to those guests who choose to pack their own lunch and drinks.
  • We will change our cancellation policy for all spring trips which states

“Your deposit is refundable in full if the trip is cancelled 30 days prior to the date scheduled. Within 30 days, the deposit may be applied to a trip booked within one year of the original booking.”

Our new changes to this policy will be that anyone who has booked for trips dated before June 15th can cancel or reschedule their trip the day before. This will allow people to make a more educated decision right before their trip depending on the current situation.

We Will Keep You Posted As Things Change

As a small business, we are going into uncertain times and hope that our local community and visitors continue to support Missoula small businesses during these hard times. As of now we will continue with our normal business hours and will do our best to notify you as things change in case of a mandatory shut down so you won’t be stuck on the river without flies, tippet, leaders and everything else you need to fish. For the average fly fisherman, we often find ourselves away from the crowded world exploring the beauty of Montana and all it has to offer.

Please feel free to call or email with any questions or concerned.

Stay safe, healthy and good luck fishing.