Don’t Hang Up The Fly Pole

It may be cold. It may be hunting season. And it may be time to put a fresh coat of wax on your skis. But for the love of the trout gods…

Don’t stop fishing.

Dr. Ed Hart with another one!

Dr. Hart with an awesome fish from earlier this year

This time of year can be hit or miss. But on the “Hit” days, oh man is it good.

Everyone is up in the hills chasing the furry animals and the rivers are forgotten. You can have it all to yourself. It’s pretty cool.

Like I tell everyone here in the shop, “The same fish that eat in the summer, have to eat in the winter too!”

So stop by the shop and we will tell you when and where you need to be to catch the biggest fish you have ever caught. Maybe.

-The MAngler

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