Evening Fishing

This is the time of year that dry fly anglers wait for. The mayflies and caddis come off in massive numbers late into the evening and big fish come up to stuff themselves.

Most nights, evening fishing is more of a waiting game than active fishing. We sit on a seam and wait for the bugs to show themselves. Once the bugs show up the fish are never far behind. It’s a great excuse to put a boat on the water, drink a few beers, and sling B.S. back and forth. Most evening we even manage to catch a few fish. with some awesome technical dry fly fishing.

Montana Dry Fly Fishing

And Sometimes you can even get a good one. Last night Ron and Zach skipped fireworks and found some fish eating on top.

That fish ate a size 12 Purple Para-Wulff. “Techy” Stuff.

Get out there and watch some of the evening magic. There is no better way to spend a summer evening in Montana. Or The world.

-The MAngler

…Because you fish.

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