Fishing report 11/1

Fishing report 11/1


Regardless of the fluctuating flows the Root has been good. Look for a few hour window in the afternoon for some dry fly action including BWO, Mahogany and October Caddis. While this can be a great time of year for dry flies, the nymph rig will typically yield more fish. However for a lot of us who have been throwing dries all summer long and knowing that we can catch fish on nymphs all winter long, we love the fall months for the streamer fishing. You may not be reeling in 50+ fish a day but catching a handful of 20+ fish can be much more rewarding.


The Foot is starting to slow down on the dry flies but the streamer fishing has been spectacular up here. While some fisherman see the rising water levels as a negative impact from a fishing standpoint it can actually be the exact opposite. Think of it this way, the fish are actively feeding and getting ready for the long winter months. When the water is rising it is displacing the smaller fish from their normal holding water and as the smaller fish scramble to find a new holding area it will also make them more vulnerable to bigger fish. Some of the best streamer fishing I have ever seen in my life fishing the Blackfoot has come on rising water in November. Did I mention you will most likely have the river all to your self?

Clark Fork 


The Clark is a great opportunity this time of year. The lower end has been giving us some good dry fly action in the afternoon and the upper end has been some of the best streamer fishing out of all the rivers. You will have success from Warm Springs all the way down to the lower river. BWO, Mahogonys and October caddis will be on the menu for dry flies. For streamers throwing a white or flashy color first then followed by brown/yellow and if those don’t get a look then look to the darker colors like dark olive and black.

Rock Creek

The dry fly fishing has tapered off a bit but like the other rivers you will get a decent afternoon window of dry fly action with October Caddis or smaller mayfly attractor patterns like the Parachute P-Tail, Purple haze and Parachute adams. Nymphing with a Stonefly nymph trailing a smaller bug off the back is the way to go. If you are struggling to catch fish nymphing then try trailing a worm or egg off the back. Streamer fishing up here this time of year can produce outstanding numbers and a few quality fish.

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