Fishing Report 3/20



Fishing has been a little tough with the fluctuating water levels through out  the week. The Skwalas are here but the fish haven’t quite keyed in on them yet. This can change quick with the extended forecast as long as we don’t see to much rain. The clarity is off now but the nymphing and streamer fishing has still been fair. For now fish the slower inside seams with your favorite Skwala nymphs. Fishing tandem stonefly nymphs is our rig of choice this time of year. Look for the dry fly action to improve mid to later this week.


The bump in water turned this one off color a bit but that shouldn’t last to long with the extended forecast. Streamer fishing picked up in a big way right before the bump and you can expect to continue that trend as the water levels off and clears up. Brown/yellow and olive/white combos seem to be the more effective streamers although the Sparkle Minnow and Kreelex produced of course too. Few fish eating dries in the slow water as well. If you are looking to pop some fish on dries up here this time of year, then fish slow runs with a small Nemoura or baetis in the afternoon. Don’t stand on one foot waiting for this to happen though.

Clark Fork

Skwalas are out but the water is still a bit dirty. Should be a much better option later in the week.

Rock Creek

One of your better options around this week. Rock Creek has bumped like all the other rivers but tends to stay a bit clearer then the other rivers in this situation. Nymphing and streamers is the main game but don’t hesitate throwing a Skwala dry with a nymph dropper in the afternoon. This may not produce numbers, but if you are like many of us this time of year and just want to see a head come up then that is a solid option. If you are after numbers, then double stonefly nymph rig or stonefly trailing a worm, egg, prince, hares ear, etc… off the back will be your best bet.



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