Fishing Report 5.14

The Rivers are dropping right now. That is until we get this week of high temps. Get out there today or tomorrow. The big rivers are going to blow out by the weekend.

The Bitterroot –  The ‘Root will be an option for a very brief window. The worm game will be hot and throwing junk will put some big fish in the net.

The Creek – The Creek looks great. The water is dropping hard and running considerably more clear than the other rivers in the Missoula area. There are a lot of mayflies.  March Browns and BWO’s. We saw fish eating on top yesterday.

The Clark – The Upper Clark is muddy and the Lower Clark is muddier. This will be the last one to clear up. You have better options right now.

The Blackfoot – When The Foot turns that sexy green color the fishing will be off the wall. It is dropping now but that won’t last very long with the heat in the forecast.

The MO – The Mo has been fishing shit hot. The nymph game has been great. BWO, Czech’s, Sow bugs, and anything with fire bead has been putting a lot of fish in the net.

The creeks will open this weekend and they will be the first to have clean water in them. We love creek fishing. There is more than a lifetimes worth of water around Missoula in small creeks. Get out and explore something you have never fished. You might be surprised.

-The MAngler

…Because You Fish.


allen kallis
May 14, 2014

Fish on the Big Hole. Tuesday made a quick trip over for the day, 8 hr float caught some nice brook trout 12 - 14 inch white fish 12 to 18 inch browns, And this one at the end of the float, 26"

Nice job Allen!

May 14, 2014

Can you recommend some small creeks?

Lori There are just so many! Lot's that we like to keep to ourselves and plenty more that we will point you towards. What direction are you looking to go?

May 15, 2014

I fished with your shop last year. I do not want to know your secret locations. I am not familiar with the area. I would just like the names of a couple creeks close to Missoula I could explore with my son for the one day he is in town in the next two weeks. Thanks.

Lori, You have so many options. Just south of town Lolo creek is a great option. West of Town is Fish Creek. East of town you have Flint Creek and The little Blackfoot. Up The Blackfoot, Gold Creek just outside of Bonner, Monture Creek runs near Ovando. Here in Missoula the Rattlesnake. If you look for even smaller creeks the list gets longer and longer. The Bitterroots are full of creeks. ( Sweeney, Bass, Blodgett, Ect...) Rock Creek also has many smaller creeks flowing into it. Any Direction you go you will find some amazing water to catch some fish on. Hope that helps.

May 15, 2014

Thank you that helps.

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