Fishing Report 6/6

Bitterroot – After a huge run-off we are starting to see the water clearing in some areas. The upper Root has been dropping substantially and the fishing is starting to improve. Nymphing stoneflies in the 6-10 range should get you in to fish. PT droppers, San Juans, and Lightning bugs will still get you in to them as well. Streamer fishing should be good in these flows. The West Fork is starting to see adult Salmonflies and some Golden Stones as well as Green Drakes. The water is still high so use caution! If you are Floating, DO NOT launch above Marty’s bridge. There is currently a large downed tree crossing the entire creek.

Blackfoot – Dropping fast! The Blackfoot is down to 8000 CFS. Still very big but floating has become an option. Nymphing stoneflies tight against the willows in the softer edges should turn some fish. San Juan, PT’s, Yuk Bugs, Zirdle Bugs would all be good options as well. Throwing a streamer tight to the banks is always fun this time of year as well.


Clark Fork – Still running very high. The Upper river may come in to play soon. We will keep an eye on it. The lower river might be the last stretch to come around. The better option in the lower basin would be the various tributaries, which are running clear and fishing well. Some Salmonflies and Goldens have been out and fish have been eating.



Rock Creek – Its time! The creek has dropped substantially and the big bugs have made the appearance. Choose your patterns in sizes 4-6 range. There are a ton of good options up there. If you aren’t getting takes, size down to a smaller version and you will get em. Green Drakes are starting to pop as well as Golden Stones. The ‘War Zone’ is currently passable but you still need to use extreme caution and scout your line through. The water is still high! Know before you go! Call the shop if you have any questions prior to floating.


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