Fishing Report 9/1



The fishing has really improved this week with the cold nights and lower day temps. Hopper dropper has still been the main game through out the day. The Tricos are in full force as well and you will find fish keying in on them mid morning. Next on the chopping block will be Mahogany’s and Hecubas  coming with the cold front that is set to hit later this week and early next week.


The Foot is back to more comfortable water temps and will continue to drop with the colder weather heading our way. The hopper dropper rig has been the go to as of now. We have been seeing plenty of October Caddis pupas moving towards the bank. Nymphing the October Caddis Pupae before the adults start popping can be very effective. The adults will follow shortly. Streamer fishing has picked up in a big way this week as well.

Clark Fork 

Hoot Owl Restrictions. Flint Creek to the mouth of Warm Springs Creek near Warm Springs.

The Clark is becoming a great option with Tricos on the lower river mid morning. The upper stretches has been more productive on the hopper dropper. Soon to come will be October Caddis, Mahoganys and sporadic Hecubas.

Rock Creek

Rock Creek is a great option right now as it is running a little cooler then the rest of the bigger rivers. Atractor patterns such as Purple Haze, Parachute Adams and Royal Wullfs should be good through out the day. Hopper dropper rigs will also get fish moving. Soon to come will be the October Caddis which is a very popular bug for the fish on Rock Creek.

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