Fishing Report 9/13

Bitterroot-  With the weather turning cooler, there’s no need to be on the water at sparrowfart! You can start later in the morning, but still stay till the end of the day. On the warmer days, look for tricos. Cooler days will bring on BWO’s and maybe Mahoganies. Either way, the Hecubas are being eaten. So the Bitterroot is an excellent option, with the upper section providing some good fishing for nice fish, while the lower section is getting technical and exciting for big fish.

Blackfoot-  The cool weather is going to make the Blackfoot start thinking about fall. That means big fish eating little fish, so make sure you’ve got your streamers. White, as a color, has been producing, and so has the Sparkle Minnow. Hoppers will rebound as the weather warms up, and the fall hatches- tricos, BWOS and Mahoganies are all going to start. Floating really well right now, and fishing well too!

Clark Fork-  The fish are starting to pod up in the lower section! So exciting. Tricos on the warm days, BWO with clouds. Still a few PMD’s and PED’s, crazy as that sounds. So if you’re looking for technical, the CF may be the place! And don’t neglect the Hopper/Dropper, it’s still producing well if the fish aren’t co-operating in pods.

Rock Creek- After an epic spruce moth hatch, the Creek is opening up to hoppers and droppers. The tricos are being seen, and the fish are eating them. With the cooler weather, BWO’s and Mahoganies are going to start showing. But don’t neglect the hoppers, they’re still hopping and trout are still eating them. And if you’re hopping, you’re dropping as well! Still the best wading option in town.

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