Missoula Fly Shop Staff

George Kesel

In The Industry Since 1984, Published Author, Innovative Fly Tyer

Favorite River To Fish in Missoula: Bitterroot

Favorite thing about fishing in Montana: The variety

How long have you been here: April Fools Day, 1999

Favorite Flies to Fish: Tricos

Favorite Flies to Tie: Humpys and Stimis

Best part about working in the Fly Shop: Learning from your customers

Favorite product in the shop: HmH Vise

Memorable moment in shop: That’s a long story. Involves rod tubes and Christmas….

Memorable moment on river: Losing a 10lb Brown in New Zealand

Favorite Question Asked in shop: “How can I improve my casting”?

What do you do when you are not in the shop: Tie flies and Golf

Rod: R.L Winston rods

Line: Rio Trout Taper

Reel: Waterworks-Lamson Speedster

Tippet: Rio

Boat: The one I’m not rowing

Beer: Basil Hayden

Missoula Fly Shop Staff