Bryce Hasquet

The Prodigy

Favorite River To Fish in Missoula: Clark Fork River

Favorite thing about fishing in Montana: There’s always a new spot to check out.

How long have you been here: 18 years

Favorite Flies to Fish: Mice

Favorite Flies to Tie: Streamers

Best part about working in the Fly Shop: I get to talk about fishing all day.

Favorite product in the shop: MFC streamers

Memorable moment in shop: Crawfish boil

Memorable moment on river: landing a 27” bull from an ice shelf on a 20° day.

Favorite Question Asked in shop: “ya’ll don’t sell rapalas?”

What do you do when you are not in the shop: Fish and snowboard.

Rod: Douglas Sky 7wt

Line: Scientific Anglers

Reel: Lamson Remix

Tippet: Rio

Boat: One seater pontoon 

Dog: Maltese+Yorkie+Poodle

Missoula Fly Shop Staff