Missoula Fishing Report

Friday Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report

A quick overview of what’s going on around Missoula this weekend.

First and foremost, our good friend and Missoulian Angler Fly Shop Guide, Burke, is opening his BBQ restaurant. The Notorious P.I.G. is opening it’s doors at 11 am today in downtown Missoula. If you are around Missoula today, be sure to stop by and have your taste buds blown away.

Secondly, The Montana Fishing Film Fest is going on Saturday at the Roxy. Tickets are $10 and we have them available here at the shop. We are also going to have a Pre-party here at the shop before the movies. So feel free to stop by and enjoy a beverage.

Now lets talk about the fishing.

The Bitterroot: The river is still way above normal flows for this time of year. That being said the fishing has been very decent. The mornings have been colder the past few days causing the dry fly fishing to get going a bit later. Early morning streamer fishing and nymphing has been productive. Rubber legs, beadhead style prince patterns, and worms for your nymph set up. The Skiddish smolt, The Kreelex, and The Sparkle minnow have been producing for streamers. The dry fly fishing has been good in the afternoons. Skwalas and March browns have been the ticket. Throw the low-profile skwala. The bigger fish won’t shy away from those bugs.

The Blackfoot: We fished it this week and were pleasantly surprised. The water is very big and off color, but the streamer fishing was good. You had to fish hard and put it in the right spot, but when that happened the streamer got eaten. The Silver and Black Sparkle minnow was the ticket for us.

Rock Creek: Fished well this week. Afternoon dry fly bite was there. They ate the skwala after lunch. A good option for wade anglers looking to get away from the boat traffic on The Bitterroot.

The Clark Fork: Big and off color. Maybe not your best option this weekend. But fish have been caught on the Clark. Skwalas around in the afternoons. Throw the dice and you might be surprised. Another great way to get away from the traffic on The Bitterroot.

Well there it is. if you have any questions about a game plan for fishing this weekend, stop by the Missoulian Angler for any thing. We are glad to help out and point you in the right direction.

-The MAngler

…Because you fish

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