Missoula Kids Fly Fishing Lessons

Missoula Kids Fly Fishing

Casting Classes

The Missoulian Angler is offering two different options for kids fly fishing lessons in Missoula.
The first kid’s fly fishing lesson we offer is casting. Our staff has a combined casting instruction
of over 70 years. We provide the basics and a bit more, in a way kids remember and will enjoy.
The normal casting lesson is $50 per hour. One hour is too long for a kids fly fishing lesson. The kids
lessons go for 1/2 an hour, and the cost is $20. We make it affordable, and we make it fun.

Float Trips For Kids

Our second option for kids fly fishing lessons is the August special. Every Tuesday in August
kids can get a guided half day fly fishing trip for $400 for the 1-2 people on the boat($200 per person if splitting a boat). There is no better way to learn than by doing, and a 4 hour intensive will get kids a lot of skills in a hurry. The best thing? It doesn’t feel
intensive because you’re fishing!

Our guides are some of the best in Missoula. They are phenomenal teachers, patient and knowledgeable, as well as being fish magnets. Normally, a half day float is $525, but for kids on every Tuesday in August, it’s $400 to hit the water.

Not only will the kids fly fishing lesson be skill and fun focused, we’re going to sneak in a little
conservation, fly fishing etiquette, safety, entomology and lots of other topics as well. Again, it
doesn’t feel like work- it feels like fishing. But kids are sponges for information, and what goes in
finds a home when the interest is there. We’re going to impart our love of the rivers while getting
kids on the water, in the hope it becomes one of their loves as well.

For each kids fly fishing lessons, we request a parent be present with any child 11 years old or
younger. The reason is 2-fold. Young kids can get highly excited, and especially in a boat, this
can lead to a less than ideal experience. Secondarily, and just as important, a lot of information
will be delivered in relatively short times. Having a parent there to help remember what’s been
learned is extremely beneficial, even with the sponge affect.

Parental Benefit

Missoulian Anglers kids fly fishing lessons are really useful for non-angling parents who find
themselves with an angling child. We are here to offer help and guidance not just to kids, but to
the parents as well. The Missoulian Angler has been here for over 35 years. Kids will keep us
here for the next 35 years.

Because, like every other angler in Missoula, we love our rivers.

Whether we’re born here or find our way home, the Clark Fork, Rock Creek, Bitterroot and
Blackfoot Rivers are pristine, beautiful and healthy. We found them that way.

We need to make sure we pass them along in as good shape as we found them, if not better.
We need to make sure the next generation loves the rivers as we do, and carries the same
commitment to their continued health.

We need the kids on our side. They’re the future of local rivers. That’s why the Missoulian
Angler offers kid-only fly fishing specials to get them on the water, enjoying the rivers. Do that,
and the rest takes care of itself.