• Family: Leech
  • Size: 15-30mm

Leeches always bring a shudder to people, but they bring out the appetite in in trout! It’s rare to find leeches in Montana rivers, but in our lakes, they are abundant and effective.

Leeches are a segmented worm, and are found in freshwater, saltwater and on land.  The freshwater leeches, the ones we care about, will vary greatly in color, from almost a muddy brown through olive all the way to black. After leeches hatch, they retain the same shape and color throughout their lives, varying only in size. This means that a size run of leech patterns is important, so you can match the size of the prevalent age group.

Because of their sinuous swimming motion, and active pattern is always preferred. Included in that active pattern is the Balanced Leech. Designed to be fished under an indicator (usually in still water), the balanced leech will ride horizontally in the water. The wave action on the lake gives it an up and down action that simulates the natural. The Balanced leech has rapidly become a go to pattern in Montana lakes.