Missoula Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report 10/13

Missoula Fishing Report 

October 13th

Clouds are in the forecast! Once Friday and the weekend rolls around, we should have some fall weather in the forecast. The fishing should start speeding up, as it has been getting a little better each day. ffishy reporrt

Blackfoot River: H20 is very low. It has undoubtedly made for tough fishing. They are still eating hoppers, as well as hopper-dropper rigs… Streamer fishing can be decent too.

Clark Fork River: There have been some mahogany hatches… hopefully they will be getting better as the cloud coverage comes. Baetis, October caddis, and the rare trico. The Clarky has been looking up lately, and there seem to be more rising fish here. If they aren’t eating dries, try putting on an October caddis pupae imitation. (Bird of Prey, Goldie Hawn, something orange). Olive, white, and black streamers!

Bitterroot River: Hecuba are coming off, as well as some mayflies. Mahoganies are very on and off, but keep an eye out for em. October caddis, BWOs, and baetis. For nymphs, Bird of Prey, Goldie Hawn, Copper Bob/John, orange lightening bugs. Big, dark, junky streamer patterns!

Rock Creek: It has been tricky… Though again, the clouds will help. October caddis are hatching here more than other spots, assuming that they will eat your fly on top. Otherwise.. imitate it on bottom with a nymph. Still eating hoppers and other terrestrials, especially near logs, etc. Mahoganies may be out, baetis, parachute adams, purple haze. Chuck your streamers by the bank and wait for some browns to build up an appetite. Again, browns, white, olives, and black patterns. 

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