Missoula Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report

May 13th




Well the rumors are true. The Salmonflies are hatching on all of our local rivers. While some people have been worried that this is too early and spells disaster for the rest of the season, have no fear. The bugs are actually only a bit ahead of schedule. In reality they bugs normally show up in the middle of May, however, during regular water years the rivers are just too high to even think about fishing.

Now as I am writing this there is a torrential downpour going on in Missoula. The forecast for the next seven days has rain in it everyday.  This will certainly push more water into the systems, and slow down the bugs. But that’s okay, everyday of rain we get in May and June is more water for the rivers and the fish. Bring on the rain.

As for the fishing… It was a game of what would the fish NOT eat? They were cart wheeling for the bug. The past few days have been the days you dream about. Just put it in a fishy looking spot and it got crushed. Really, that’s all there is to say. Who knows how long the rivers will hold before the rain blows them out, Get out while you can! Most likely this will be a short glimpse of the big bug, but why not enjoy it right now!

-The MAngler


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