Missoula Fly Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report 3/28

Fly Fishing Report Brought To You By Our Missoula Fly Fishing Guides And Fly Shop Staff.

Enjoy and Good Luck!

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The Governor is encouraging outdoor recreation at this point in time. Fly fishing is a great way to get away from the crowds and enjoy the fresh Montana air.

Bitterroot River

The Bitterroot river fly fishing is starting to pick up in the last week with warmer night and daytime temperatures. We have been seeing more and more Skwala’s on the sunny days and a few March Browns and BWO’s in the clouds. The dry fly fishing doesn’t turn on until the afternoon but the nymph and streamer fishing remains good throughout the day. This is one of your best options for Missoula fly fishing at this point. Don’t expect the dry fly fishing to be off the hook by any means but its been pretty good out there. Still focus your drifts on that slow walking speed water and inside seems. For dries, Skwala patterns like Rastaman, Plan B, Water Walker, Bullethead and the True Stones have been our best producers. Midge, Capnia and Nemoura patterns are also getting it done in the afternoon. Nymphs like Pats Rubberlegs, 20 Incher, Double Bead Stones, G-Kes, Perdigons, H/T PT Jig, Pheasant Tail Jigs and Hot Spot PT Jigs have also been very effective.
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Blackfoot River

The Blackfoot River fly fishing is still pretty slow but if you want a stretch all to yourself then this is your spot. Focus on streamers and nymphs in slow water and inside seems. We have been pulling some nice fish on nymphs and streamers up here. Not the best Missoula fly fishing option but there are definitely willing fish.
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Clark Fork River

The Clark Fork River fly fishing is improving day by day and even a few fish eating on top. We are seeing a few Skwala’s here and there but nothing to write home about. If you’re a dry or die angler then focus your time on the afternoon as that is the time fish are most actively feeding on the surface. Like the rest of the fly fishing around Missoula, focus on slow inside seams and walking speed water. We have been seeing a few pods of fish in the afternoon eating midges and those fish haven’t been picky. They will eat bigger buts like Capnia’s, Nemoura’s and even a Skwala if presented properly. We had some good streamer fishing with darker colored streamers and of course nymphing the slow inside seems has been the most productive.
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Rock Creek

Rock Creek fly fishing is still mainly a nymph and streamer game but we are starting to see a few Skwala’s hatching and fish here and there eating them. Focus your time on stripping streamers and nymphing slow runs for numbers. Flashy streamers like the Kreelex and Sparkle minnow have been the meat of choice. For dries, focus on Stonefly nymphs Like Pat’s and Double Bead Stones with smaller droppers off the back. Cycle through a variety of smaller droppers until you find the magic one for that day.
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Spring Hatches

Click any photo below to find out more information on each individual hatch. Includes life cycle, best fly patterns, helpful tips and where to find these hatches in your Western Montana fly fishing adventure.

Fish Species