Missoula Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report 3/16

Missoula Fishing Report 


The weather has again reminded us that spring in Montana can turn back to winter whenever it wants. With night time low’s in the teens over the next few days, the water temps on our local rivers will stay on the colder side of what we want to see for good bug activity. This change in the weather pattern might slow down the spring fishing over the next few days. However, it’s a good thing for our rivers in the long run. Everyday that is cold and nasty now is another day of water for our rivers during the summer. As of right now our snow pack data reports are looking right around normal. That is good news. Lets just hope that the active weather cycle continues through the spring and early summer and we will have a great year of fishing in Missoula.  


The Missoula Area Rivers Fishing Report: I will say it again. It’s starting. Just getting going. Almost here. By no means, is it “ON”. Yes, you will see a skwala if you look hard enough. You will probably catch fish on a dry. But to be honest, because that’s what we do here, “The Hatch” is still coming. So if you haven’t been out yet, don’t panic. You haven’t missed your chance. The dry fly opportunities will only get better. A look back through all of our spring photos proves this. When looking at the dates of some of our best skwala days, they averaged between March 25th and April 21st. So the best is yet to come.  We are eternal optimists here at The Missoulian Angler. 


All that being said, things this time of year can change overnight. You might get a handful of dry fly eats one day, and the fish won’t leave it alone the next. And that change is close, it could be any day now. And when that happens, I promise we will tell you. 


For now, rig up a nymph rig and a streamer rig when you get to the river. Fish that until the warmest part of the day. Then, if you want to push the dry fly, switch it up. The peak dry fly times will be between 1:30-4 pm. Look for fish eating and bugs moving. Don’t make them work hard for it. So put it right over them. If its right in their wheel house they will eat it. You know it’s going when the fish start to move for your dry bug. 


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-The MAngler

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