Missoula Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report 3/24

Missoula Fishing Report 3/24

Skwala Fishing


I told you I would tell you when the Skwalas showed up. More importantly, the fish have ACTUALLY started to eat the bugs. They aren’t eating them with reckless abandon all day. You have to fish the window. The warmest part of the day, seems to have the best dry fly fishing right now. From 2-5pm will be your best opportunity for fish to eat the dry. They have been on the slow woody banks, The insides, Sitting on the seams, and the sneaky sexy little buckets. Not all of theses places at once, and not everyday, but they are there. You just have to figure out where. For that day. They may not be there the next. 

Bitterroot River Fishing Report: The upper river (The river above Hamilton) is fishing well. But it always fishes well. They are eating the dry, Probably for longer periods of time than they are lower in the river. The Middle River (Hamilton to Stevi) has a good amount of bugs moving around. Not just Skwalas. There are mayflies as well. Blue wing Olives, Ameletus, and March browns have all been reported. If you see fish rising, chances are they will eat whatever you have tied on. Just make sure the first drift is the right drift. The Lower River (Stevi to Missoula) normally takes a little longer than the rest of the river to get going in the spring. The mayflies have shown up down there, and the fish are eating them. 

Clark Fork Fishing Report:  The Clark Fork above Rock Creek had a considerable amount of mud in the water. The moisture that is coming down now is sure to put some more dirty water in the system. That being said, the Clark fork is fishing well, some of the time. The bugs have been spotty but when they are there it can be worth the trip. 

Blackfoot Fishing Report: Bunyon Bugs

Rock Creek Fishing Report: Upper Rock Creek has had some great fishing the last few days. The mayflies are out and the fish are eating on top.  Look for the softer pockets if you are throwing the dry. If you want to nymph, the 5-7 foot deep medium slow inside water is where you should be spending your time. 


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