Missoula Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report

June 3rd 

The Clark Fork is high and muddy. The Blackfoot is muddy. The Lower Bitterroot is Big. It is raining everyday. It’s June, big water time of year. All of that being said you have lots of options if you want to get on some moving water and catch trout. This time of year is also an awesome time to looks for bass, pike, small mouth, and other lake dwelling fish. If you have never caught a pike on the fly, forget the trout for a weekend and go get one! 

If you have to get your trout fix… Rock Creek, The Upper Bitterroot, and the Local Tribs are your best options. All of the above have Salmon Flies right now. The Bugs have made their way all the way up Rock Creek. The dry fly fishing has been nothing short of amazing on the sunny days. Maybe the only time during the season when a guide says “We caught one on every cast”, they aren’t lying. The fly doesn’t seem to matter. Just put it close and let it drift. Or throw it out in the middle and drag it. Or fish the mid river riffles. Or… You get the picture. It’s on and they want it.

If you can do something other than trout, It’s the perfect time of year to expand your horizons. If you need help finding something new stop by and we will pull of the maps and the wire leaders. 

The only one stop fly shop in Missoula. 

-The MAngler



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