Missoula Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report 4/22

Missoula Fishing Report

Late Skwalas and Spring Mayflies

Over the past week the fishing has been nothing short of incredible. Really, there is nothing more to say. But this is a fishing report so I guess I have to give you more than that. 

Mayflies: The March Browns/Grey Drakes have been coming down river like the British Navy. Sails up. When you find the clouds the fish have been eating like college kids on a late night Denny’s binge. The most productive patterns have been old school. Hares ear’s and pheasant tail parachutes. The good stuff. The Root. The Clark. And The Blackfoot. The bugs are all over the place.  

Skwalas: They are still around on The Bitterroot and a sneaky low profile bullet head will catch fish at this point in the hatch. The Clark Fork’s “Flying” skwalas have just shown up as well. The only tricky part is the high sun. Those Clark Fork fish seem to get a bit sketchy in the sun. So don’t go unless we get clouds. But then again go anywhere when we have clouds. Get a monster brown on the root in the clouds or catch the feisty Clark Fork rainbows in the clouds. Pick Your Poision. 

There isn’t really that much more to say. The fishing has been awesome. Some would even say “Epic”. If you have been on the fence about coming out here, Do it. You can’t catch em in the office. 

All Skwalas are 20% off here at the shop. Stop by and fill those holes in your spring fly box. We would be happy to help you out with that. 

-The MAngler


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