Missoula Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report 4/5

Missoula Fishing Report

Missoula Skwala Fishing Report


Up and Down. Zig and Zag. Around and Around we go again. Spring fishing in the Missoula area is like a game of musical chairs and Russian Roulette. Hot, Snow, Rain, Water Pulses, Bugs, no Bugs, the list goes on and on.  Your guess is a good as mine. Will the rivers fish through a push of water? I think so, but maybe not. AS of right now. This exact second it looks like The upper Bitterroot has crested and is now falling back into shape. Warm weather is expected to show up in a few days. We will ride the roller coaster all over again. But hey, that’s spring fishing. 


The past weekend the fishing was great. Lots of nice fish showing up and keeping their eyes up looking for your perfectly presented skwala to float over their noggin. Most of the time they ate it like they meant it. 


As far as the bug choice goes, go to a bug that is hard to see. The fish have seen a lot of skwalas so far this year. Bulletheads are a good idea. Think Low-Pro. 


Its also a good idea to keep an eye on the graphs. You can get a lot of information from the USGS Graphs. We have all of the relevenat graphs on our site here…




Check in with us for the most up to the minute information on Missoula Fishing here at the Missoulian Angler Fly Shop. (406) 728-7766 


We have some openings for guided trips if you want to get out for the skwala hatch. Some great fish have been finding their way into our nets. 


-The MAngler. 

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