Missoula Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report 7/19

Missoula Fishing Report

July 19th 

Cooler temps! Hallelujah! 

We’re seeing some moisture and the temperatures are dropping. July is already doing us a lot more favorites than June did. The Blackfoot actually dropped down to 58 last night, and the Upper Bitterroot hit 54 degrees. For the most part, things are the same. We’ve had some overcast days which can mean really killer fishing. Get out early to try and beat the traffic, and take advantage of these water temps. The water levels on the Bitterroot are dropping, so the upper parts are doing a lot better than the lower stretches. Rock Creek is still running pretty low, although the rain is helping all of the rivers out. The Blackfoot is still fishing really well, and The Clark Fork is decent too. If it’s sunny, head to the Blackfoot. When it’s cloudy, get on The Clarkfork or the Bitterroot. The Tricos are also beginning to hatch, so we will be seeing those in the next few days.

Clark Fork Fly Fishingc

Bitterroot River: PMDs, PEDs, caddis, attractor patterns, hoppers, yellow sallies, rubber legs, Goldens, lightning bugs, and tricos.

Blackfoot River: Once again, don’t overlook the heavier runs on the Blackfoot right now. You’d be surprised where some of the fish are lounging right now. Try throwing some spruce moths, PMDs, hoppers, stimulators, Chernobyls, and elk hair caddis.

Clark Fork River: Hoppers, spruce moths, mayflies, elk hair caddis, chubby style attractor patterns, yellow sallies.

Rock Creek: Either get out early, or go later on. Rock creek is NOT currently under Hoot Owl Restrictions, so you’re free to fish it whenever you please. Spruce moths, caddis in the evening, purple haze, parachute adams, elk hair caddis, Goldens, and big attractor patterns. Don’t hesitate to throw some streamers in the heavy runs.

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