Missoula Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report 7/31

Missoula Fishing Report

July 31st

The hot weather has returned for the weekend. The normal temps will return early next week. This fishing around the Missoula are has been great. The water levels has been steady enough, and with a little help from the rain they have even bumped. The water temps have also been great. The cooler nights have been dropping the water back to a temperature the trout are happy with. This little heat wave will be short lived and we will be back to normal in no time.

The Clark Fork: HOPPER TIME. Big or little. Tan or Pink. Blue or Red. You pick your favorite and roll it. It’s the time of year that you have to stick to your guns if you want to catch ’em on the dry. Don’t lose faith if you go 20 minutes without an eat. The big fish are willing you just have to stick with it. Patience young Jedi.

The Bitterroot: There are a few PMD’s still showing up. Not a major factor right now. Hoppers are on the main stage right now. Again, have faith. Big fish take work.

Blackfoot: The Moths are still around. The fish are still eating them, but it’s not like it was. The hoppers are kicking around the banks, and the fish are looking for them in the right spots. The streamer bite has been fair to good early in the morning.

Rock Creek: The Spruce Moths are also still kicking around and the Creek fish are eating them. Smaller hoppers are getting fish to look up, and your general attractors are always a great option.

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-The MAngler

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