Missoula Fishing Report

Missoula Fishing Report 7/9/2015

Missoula Fishing Report

JULY 9th

Montana Fall Fly Fishing

Not much has changed in the past few days. If you’re looking to get into some trout, you need to get out as early as possible and be ready to combat some heat early in the day. The water temps are still higher than we’d like, but they seem to be dropping once the sun goes down (yeehaw!) 60 degree water has the fish jumping for joy… literally.

Don’t forget about Hoot Owl restrictions that have been instituted by FWP in order to protect our wildlife. Get on the river early, and make sure to be reeling up by 2 pm. This leaves plenty of opportunity to catch some fish, as the fishing seems to turn off midday anyway. Keep in mind that the river temperatures are still quite high before 2 o clock, and the water is not as oxygenated as we’d desire. Respect our wildlife!

Bitterroot and Clark Fork River- Caddis, yellow sally, PMDs, rusty spinners, hoppers and chubby style attractors, pheasant tails, golden stones

Blackfoot River- Chubby style attractors, rubber legs, hoppers, stimulators, purple haze, elk hair caddis, parachute adams

Rock Creek- elk hair caddis, sallies, PMDs, caddis, hoppers, chubby style attractor patterns, royal wulffs

Stop in if you have any questions, or if you just need some good company!

-The MAngler

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